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On Friday 5/22/20, Governor Sununu provided guidance outdoor sports could start activities immediately. We have been working with Little League International as well as state and government recommendations to develop a plan to allow for a safe resumption of activities.  

The current guidance is that we can only hold clinics/practices in groups of 10 or less (including coaches) and that we cannot play games yet. At this point we do not know the timeline of when, or if, we will be able to play games. The initial practice groups are not teams. The plan is that if/when we have approval for games, we will hold evaluations to  determine actual team placement.

Please understand that we will be making every effort to create a safe and enjoyable outlet for the kids to have fun, but there are many things beyond the control of the volunteers of the league. At this point, we want to offer the kids an opportunity to get off the couch and play ball in some fashion. Please see the latest guidance from the Governor, which will be operating under

Your support and understanding are essential to a successful season. With the modified season and rules we will need to have limited roster sizes which means we will have more teams and need more coaches and volunteers. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a TeeBall division this season due to the challenges with 4 and 5 year olds adhering to the requirements. Please volunteer to help when you sign up as we need lots of volunteers to make this possible. 

If we do not get enough volunteers by June 3, we may not be offer all divisions of play, or will have to cancel the entire season.

If you have a child (co-ed) ages 6-12 who would like to stay active this summer while participating in a team sport with their friends, please consider signing up for baseball--Even if your child has never played baseball before.  DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS JUNE 3

If you child is registered for the 2020 season and they will no longer be participating, please complete the quick withdrawal/refund form HERE BY JUNE 3  

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    Red Sox Foundation Little League Volunteer of the Year

    Ara Tamzarian--Red Sox Foundation Little League Volunteer of the Year for NH


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