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Health Update


We recieved word tonight that Little League has decided to postpone the season til May 11th. 

As of right now there are no decisions to cancel the season and we will be making every effort possible to give our players an amazing shortened season once the time comes. 

We will keep you updated with any new information as it comes. 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to message us. 



From our sponsor Pizza Man of Hooksett:

We have all read about the concerns regarding food insecurity for students over the next couple of weeks while school is out.  Many children DEPEND on those school meals.  

THE PIZZA MAN WILL BE WORKING WITH THE HOOKSETT FOOD PANTRY to help get meals to every child In Hooksett and Bow that needs it.  


If you are able, donate $5 at the Pizza Man.  This will provide a child with a Mini Cheese Pizza and a milk.  In three days, the Pizza Man will provide another (different) meal to the same child.  We will be delivering the meals throughout dinnertime every day.  

If you know a child that needs it, indicate the child you would like the meal to go to.  

If you cannot donate, but know a child in need, call us or stop in and add the child to the wish list.  

If you ARE a family in need, give us a call or stop in and we will add you to the wish list.  

It takes a village, and often, people who NEED help, won't ask.  Keep your eyes open and pay attention to your neighbors. 

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NMHLL offers a dedicated fun, safe atmosphere for youth athletes to play and compete in little league in Hooksett and North Manchester NH.  Our league is volunteer operated and provides a community based youth sports organization that is committed to growing the highest ideals of good sportsmanship and teamwork.   NMHLL is committed to emphasizing that baseball is healthy, fun, and provides for a great exchange and atmosphere of friendship and an all-important feeling of belonging and being part of something worthwhile within the team and the community.

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    Jordan’s Dream Fund was established in 2017 after the passing of 28-year-old Jordan Andrew Singer (1988-2017) Jordan decided that he wanted to continue to assist others who were less fortunate than him fight their disease(s) and help maximize and enrich their ever-changing lives. We now ask you to help support that mission, so we can help others in a similar situation live their lives and their dreams just like Jordan did. See his story at


    Thank you to our sponsors who make it possible for North Manchester Hooksett Little League to operate.

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